Medical Tourism is a concept used to represent obtaining medical or surgical services while traveling or vacationing in another country.

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Turkey – Treatment and Rejuvenation

Medical Tourism, a new trend in the consumption and production of healthcare services, is a concept used to represent the movement of patients across borders, while travelling and vacationing abroad, for the pursuit of medical treatment and health.
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Why go to Turkey for best Heath care services

The Turkish government has unveiled new incentives to boost its medical tourism sector that in 2017 generated 10 billion USD in revenue and was an increase of 31% on the year before.
The incentives were to include VAT Exemption for foreigners who choose Turkey for their medical needs including diagnosis, treatment, aftercare and rehabilitation.

The government is also looking to sign agreements with social security departments abroad, that will further encourage them to send sick and ill patients to Turkey for treatment.

The Rise of Medical Tourism in Turkey

Turkey first started their medical tourism campaign in 2008, as part of a more comprehensive strategic plan belonging to their all-encompassing Vision Project that by 2023, will see Turkey as one of the top performing economies in the world. In the decade that followed, many nationalities including Europeans, and Middle Eastern chose Turkey as their preferred destination for treatment such as dental, hair transplants, and cosmetic surgery. While quality of care is of utmost importance, affordability of said services should not be a barrier that limits access to people who seek treatment. This is where healthcare in Turkey hits the sweet spot: quality medical care at affordable prices. Turkey is uniquely positioned when compared to other South Asian and East Asian medical tourism destinations. For certain treatments, the difference in cost can be as less as 10-20 times when compared to Western countries and up to 80-90 of what other countries in the subcontinent charge. This cost advantage is the reason why so many people choose Turkey as their preferred destination for seeking medical treatment annually. While Turkey offers cheaper healthcare solutions, at the same time does not compromise the quality of care available. In certain countries across the globe, getting an appointment for, say, bypass surgery or an angioplasty can take up to 3-6 months. However, in Turkey the waiting time is virtually zero. Be it cardiac surgery, knee/hip/joint replacement, cancer therapy, kidney care, dental care, bariatric surgery or even cosmetic surgery - patients are guaranteed quick and immediate response with no wait times.